The Rebirth or Rebound of Travel

Item Number 4 on the marketing life cycle of a business is the rebirth or rebound stage. The travel industry is at such a stage right now. This was triggered by two sequential set of events. First was the 911 tragedy, and second, the economic downturn that followed. A decade later, the effect is now in the rear view mirror, as the industrial flight has lifted off the runway, broken through the clouds, the fog has disappeared, the pilot has given the okay to remove the seat belt and you are free to move about the cabin and enjoy the ride. It’s full speed ahead amid blue skies. This rebirth and rebound was brought about by the convergence of three major occurrences, namely the retirement of the baby boomers, the explosion of the Internet and the emergence of the home based business industry as the fastest growing sector at over 430 billion dollars.

So what does this mean for you?  One of three things: 1) you were instrumental for putting people on those flights to the destination of their choice for their reasons, while you are in your home office, on the golf course or on some exotic beach in Jamaica, Tahiti or somewhere where of your choosing, doing something that you want to be doing, and not because you have to be doing it! … and you get paid! 2) you are on the flight to the destination of choice, either for R and R, on business or a personal mission. 3) you’re sitting in the gallery not even aware that the flight has taken off.

Where do you see yourself? If you said in the first class, I’d say congratulations, let’s connect, play some golf and develop some new ideas to help those who want to be in that class. If you see yourself in the second group, I’d invite you to step up to the first class where you can take maximum advantage of this rebirth and rebound. Of course if you’re in the third class, obviously, your chief aim lies elsewhere and I’d recommend that the next time you travel, check this website

Of the choices referred to above, personally, I prefer the first. It fits in perfectly with my idea of retiring: – being able to do what you want to do, when you want to do it because you want to do it. This is best accomplished by having one or more sources of residual income. Residual income is generated by a system where you continue to get paid indefinitely for work you did or a sale you made long after it was completed. The concept illustrated in three appears to be the ideal situation. The question is where can you find such a system? That is another challenge, and the trick is to find the “business opportunities” that is right for you and fits the criteria in #1 above.

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