Business Coaching

My Coaching Service

I am a Business Coach. I work  with small business owners,  emerging businesses, established businesses, home-based business operators and entrepreneurs to develop and grow an even more profitable and successful business while creating an even more amazing lifestyle for themselves..

I use a combination of services to meet our clients where they are with their business. My primary work as a Business Coach  is  about transformation and is a very powerful way to make shifts in your current thinking.  It is personalized and unique to you and your business.  My clients will tell you that the experience of coaching is what has transformed their business. My primary work addresses issues like:

  • Wearing too many hats (sales, marketing, project management, design, develop and more)
  • Always scrambling to find next customer (Survival Marketing)
  • Low margins (pressure to lower rates)
  • Finding new markets
  • Competitive pressure at low end, mid-tier, and high end
  • Measuring ROI/Impact with clients
  • Creating new revenue streams

Over time we have found that the best results come from using a repeatable process that is completely customized to each client’s varying needs. I have developed a 5–step Elite system that has proven extremely successful.

My 5 Step Elite System

  1. Clarify your vision
  2. Assess your opportunities
  3. Make commitments
  4. Develop Your Action Plan
  5. Accountability

Business Coaching can help you address many issues that you might be facing with your business.

The RIGHT business  coach can help you get clear on the kind of business you actually want, and then your business coach can help you develop a business plan and work the plan.  Coaching is personalized to where you are and to your personal strengths.  It is not a one size fits all approach to your business.  Coaching allows you to understand your uniqueness and how you can use those unique qualities to develop the business of your dreams.


But real coaching allows you to make your own decisions and set your own direction.  My job as the coach is to be the “catalyst”.  The “catalyst” might supply the spark, but you must carry out your own plan I can’t carry it out for you.  Trust me, when you make your own commitments, you are much more likely to get it done than when it is something I am telling you to do.

The best conversations are ones that allow my clients to decide how they want to grow their company or how they want to show up as a leader. These are the conversations where my clients really get it.

So, once clients get it, then they have to do it and someone needs to hold them accountable for those actions. My role then becomes an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. Accountability (as defined in Merriam-Webster dictionary) “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.”

A business coach can be the best accountability partner you can get for yourself or your business.  It can be huge and a game changer.  Many people allow “working IN your business” get in the way of “working ON your business”.   The time with your business coach is focused on you working ON your business and nothing else gets in the way.   And with your business coach, you get called out on your excuses and get down to really helping you identify the key areas of strategy, planning and risk mitigation to make your business serve you.

There are 3 areas to think about when evaluating a business coach:

1. Objectivity: Objectivity is important to the conversation to truly be open and honest. It is difficult for non-trained coaches to leave their own personal judgment out of the conversation.

2. Knowledgeable: A business coaches should have a plethora of business experience.  Not all, but many coaches are trained to serve you and your business in ways that others have not even thought of yet.  If you are going to invest your time into changing your business, you should make sure you at not being led down the wrong path.

3. Committed to your Success: Your business coach will always make time for you and serve you as you need it.  Another type of partner will fit you in when they can.

Your future is in your hand. Brighten your future today by contacting Coach Jim for a FREE no obligation demonstration to determine if his style and practice is right for you. or call 404-288-6500