Who is Coach Jim

Jim Foster is an experienced strategic Business Coach and Consultant, Mentor, Speaker and Certified Travel
Consultant. He coaches and mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. He writes business plans professionally and conducts business seminars and workshops. His clientele includes the SBA – SCORE division, Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce, The Home Based Business Chamber of Commerce, among others.

As a retired insurance professional, who now provides coaching and training for businesses and individuals Jim is uniquely qualified to help individuals develop, market and promote their business,- regular, home based or networking marketing business – and provide guidance and counsel on various business needs. His intensive business acumen comes from a background of over thirty five years overseeing and developing his corporation that managed his business portfolio in the insurance industry. He has won major industry awards such as membership in the coveted and prestigious Life Insurance Million Dollar Round Table, National and International Sales and Quality awards.  Having served on several industry board, and as President of the local insurance association, he was delegated as part a team to lobby the US congress in Washington DC on matters of insurance reform.

Following the sale of his insurance practice, and retired. However, not one to sit still, he soon was exploring the internet marketing arena, and has now developed a consulting portfolio for aspiring, newbie and seasoned entrepreneurs who need  effective guidance and coaching to advance their business. Jim is available for consulting, coaching and mentoring both online and off line out of his office in the quaint little city of Rex, just outside of Atlanta Georgia.  Rex was recently identified as the home of, and erected a memorial to MELVINIA “Mattie” SHIELDS McGRUDER, a slave whose family endured the five generation journey that begun in oppression and would lead her descendant to become THE FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – MICHELLE OBAMA.

Coach Jim has been in the eyes of the public from childhood. At at early age he was pounding the pavement with his parents delivering the message of salvation as a Jehovah’s Witness to the neighbors in the community of Chapelton Jamaica where he grew up. This early public exposure in addition to his early training in platform speaking contributed to level of comfort and his ability to woo his audience as an exciting Motivational Speaker. When he shares his stories, it is as if you are right there beside him. He loves speaking  and he has spoken to multiple audiences across the state and is now embarking on a national and international speaking and coaching journey.

When not glued to the computer, addressing an audience, or empowering a client, Jim can be found relaxing in his kayak on the lake, (Stone Mountain a favorite) or enjoying a round of golf or simply kicking back dancing or listening to music, especially his favorite fellow country man the legendary Bob Marley reggae music.

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